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As a kid, I saw my father use his oscillating multi tool all the time. He used it for various projects including cutting, sanding, grinding, scraping and polishing. He also sliced through all kinds of different materials from metal, wood, cement, drywall, plastic, mortar, fiberglass and more. It was fascinating to me that this one little tool could be used for so much, and I would be nearby every time he brought it out so that I could watch what he was doing.

Now I have my own oscillating multi tool, and I’m finding just as many uses for it as my father did. It is definitely a must have tool for anyone who likes to be handy around the house, and in my opinion, no one should be without the best oscillating multi tool. They are just too valuable and have way too many uses to not have this in your arsenal of tools.

However, whether you already have one or not, do you know the tool thoroughly enough to get the best use out of it? Many people wind up having one around for years without realizing just how many uses they really are good for because they don’t understand all the workings of it and the attachments that you can use with it.

Finding the Best Oscillating Multi Tool

When I was ready to purchase my own oscillating tool, I checked out a few first. It’s not always easy finding the best oscillating tool review, so that is why I am going to review the three I tried out to make your search easier.

1. Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter Hyperlock with Universal Fit and Constant Speed Control Oscillating Tool Kit

This tool is three in one, which was a feature I really liked since it made it more efficient than other oscillating tools I found. Plus, the hyperlink feature made tool-less blade changes easier and less confusing. It tightens the blades up securely with up to a ton of clamping force, plus will fit blades of other brands in its universal fit system. I loved this because there was no more searching or shopping around for specific blades with this tool.

This model Sonicrafter is the fastest one with its continual speed control that let me keep the tool at the speed I wanted without any worry. I found that because of this, tackling the harder and heavier duty jobs like removing rout, notching thick wood and cutting through the pipe was much faster and so much easier.

This tool has been effective in streamlining just about any job I could come up with and gave me the ability to quickly scrape, sand, polish and cut a large variety of different materials. The movements felt smooth and safe with no kickback and was great to have handy around the house, but could be used on site as well.

2. Bosch MX25EK-33 120-Volt 33-Piece Oscillating Tool Kit

This thirty-three piece kit impressed with its ergonomic design which makes it great for both home owners and professionals. This kit is designed for comfort, and let me power through longer jobs without any fatigue. It has a small grip circumference with several soft grip areas for even more comfort which I really liked. Besides all this, you have here a tool which is lightweight and compact, which let me reach into tight spaces and corners easily.

This powerful tool boasts 2.5 amps of power, which let me perform jobs with some of the toughest materials. It was great for plunge cutting, flush cutting, sanding, wood cutting, grout removal, grinding, rasping and scraping. Plus, there is a variable-speed dial that let me match both the application and material correctly. The average cut speed is twenty percent faster than other products that are similar, which let me combine the this tool’s speed and power to get the job done faster.

3. Genesis GMT15A Multipurpose Oscillating Tool

This oscillating tool is made for people looking to do the job themselves, and is an all in one solution which expertly handles sanding, cutting, grinding and scraping. It has multiple attachments and easily and quickly tackled the projects that once took me many hours and lots of expensive specialty tools.

It uses a thirty millimeter flush cutting saw blade, which allowed me to make precise cuts in tight corners and along the edges. I just loved how easy it was to trim base molding or narrow door jams with this tool. Plus, the scraper attachment was great for pulling up old carpeting and vinyl flooring, and also was handy for chipping away layers of old paint.

This tool is powerful and lightweight at less than four pounds and is made of die cast aluminum gear housing.

What to Look for When Purchasing the best Oscillating Multi Tool

Best Oscillating ToolIf you are looking to purchase one of these tools, you’ll of course want to find the best oscillating multi tool. Therefore, you’ll need to know what to look for so that you can get the right tool for your needs. There are specific things you can look for to help you with this, which I myself used to buy mine and I will discuss these below.

  • The least noise and vibration – A lot of the models I checked out vibrated about the same amount, but I finally wound up settling on a model that vibrated the least of them all. The model I chose also was significantly quieter than the other models, which was a plus for me to be able to cut down on the amount of noise while I am working.
  • A grip which is comfortable – Generally, you’d wrap one or both hands around the barrel of the tool, and its shape and circumference will determine how well it fits in your hand. For smaller hands, a circumference under seven inches fits the best. But with heavier tools which weight up to four pounds can work quickly but get heavy to hold with extended use.
  • Variable speeds – When you need to do more delicate sanding jobs, you’ll need slower speeds to make it more manageable. Grinding and cutting will work best at the higher speeds. Many of these oscillating tools have this, but it is a good idea to make sure.
  • Task Lighting – Since some of these multi-tools work well in tighter spaces like inside a cabinet, I like to have a task LED light included on the tool that I purchase. This makes these types of jobs much easier without having to set up a separate light somehow.

Knowing the Right Attachments to Use

Knowing the Right Attachments to UseEven if you have the best oscillating tool, it will be worthless if you don’t know the right attachments for the correct jobs. These multi-function tools have a variety of options for attachments and accessories, so it is important to know what is out there. The accessories you choose will most certainly affect your ability to perform the job successfully.

  • Sawing/Cutting Blades – There are a large variety of cutting blade attachments for you to use. You can find them made to specifically cut plastic, wood, fiberglass, drywall, coatings, floor coverings, silicone, residues, putt, caulk, foam, cardboard, rubber, insulation, felt, leather, masonry, concrete, styrene, ceramics, plaster, epoxy, stone tile, backer board and more. Depending upon what job you are doing, you can choose from straight blades, plunge cut and flush cut blades, circular and half-circle blades, wide-base straight blades, tapered blades, concave and convex blades, scraper blades, triangular and finger blades, and segmented and wavy blades. With all of these choices, you need to pick carefully which one you use so your power tool can perform to its fullest potential.
  • Rasping Blade – These also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are usually sued for sanding and grinding applications like tile adhesives, grinding filler, concrete, stone and wood. Some of these blades are shaped to give you great accuracy which lets you work with the blades for purposes that are more creative.
  • Scraping Blade – Just like their name and what you would expect, these blades are used for scraping. They are great for removing paint, silicone, adhesives, undercoating and more. These blades come either flexible or in rigid designs with all kinds of different blade shapes from curved to straight so you can make sure to get every bit of residue.
  • Sanding – You can get these in both round and triangular shapes with varying sanding materials. This attachment lets you multi took work like a surface sander. You have better access into small places since the tool itself is small, and hook-and-loop style abrasives let you sand and smooth out just about any surface.
  • Grout Removing – These blades are perfect for getting out tough materials in tight spaces. The half-round or round blades are usually used on surfaces like sealant, concrete, plaster, and grout. It is absolutely vital that you use the correct attachment when dealing with harder materials so that your multi-tool will last.
  • Polishing – These attachments can help you accomplish high quality finishes on almost all surfaces. They are made with a variety of materials such as fleece or felt, and help you to make a finish which is ideal for metals and natural surfaces like chrome, aluminum, stone and stainless.

Finding the best oscillating tool can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices, so I hope that the above reviews help you in deciding which one is the best for you.

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